Gunnar Energy Services Effective Banner Whether it is responding to a wellsite emergency or thoughtfully planning to retire old wells, Gunnar Energy Services manages the full scope of well intervention. We provide well control, well intervention, and complex completions services to the energy sector. LEARN MORE Gunnar Energy Services Effective Banner Rely on Gunnar’s extensive experience and hands-on approach to prepare, plan, and protect your investment. We are committed to a higher performance of safety and ESG across the industry using our proven know-how and understanding of well integrity challenges.


Gunnar Energy Services Effective Banner Gunnar is an independent service provider for the energy industry, not affiliated with any particular technology or other firm. Our independence allows us to be nimble and make decisions based on what’s best for you and your wells. LEARN MORE
Gunnar Energy Services Services
Gunnar Energy Services
The commonality between Well Control, Well Intervention and Complex Completions include:
  • Directional Drilling
  • Wellbore Positioning and surveying
  • Magnetic Ranging
  • Pressure Control
  • Hazardous work environments
  • Logging and wireline operations
  • Wellbore Architecture and Completion Design
Gunnar Energy Services manages response to out-of-control or problematic oil and gas wells.

Whether you are dealing with a blowout well or a leaking well needing to be plugged, Gunnar is ready to support you.

Catastrophic well control incidents are unexpected and require fast, skilled response. Combining technology, engineering, physics, training, and decades of hands-on experience, our team has successfully responded to numerous out-of-control wells around the world.

We approach each emergency response the same way – with an engineering perspective. Regardless of what kind of environment the uncontrolled release is taking place, our team works efficiently to safely and effectively restore well control.

  • Well Control Engineering
    Under Ground Blowout (UGBO)
    Killing / Freezing
  • Well Control Engineering
  • Rig Audits
  • Operator Readiness Audits of Well
  • Control and Relief Well Contingency Plans
  • Relief Well Contingency Planning
  • Coordination and Direction
  • Dynamic Kill Modeling
  • Kick Modelling
  • Investigations
  • Expert Witness
Gunnar Energy Services plans and executes the retirement of old oil and gas wells.

Gunnar Energy Services provides the full-range of well abandonment services for land-based assets and off-shore platforms. Our comprehensive approach, perfected by decades of experience, ensure proper sealing of retired wells.

  • Problem Well Plug and Abandonment – On-site and In-office Management
    • Concentric(inside-out) Approach
      – Milling
      – Fishing
      – Re-entry
      – Zonal Isolation
    • Eccentric (outside-in) Approach
      – Relief Well/Intervention
                 – Milling
      – Casing Design
      – Mud Program
      – Service Provider Selection
      – Advise on Regulatory Compliance
Gunnar Energy Services specializes in creating solutions out of complex problems.

Whether it is precision spacing of SAGD wellbores or intersecting two horizontal wells from independent positions, you can trust Gunnar’s proven capabilities to manage and execute your project.

  • Specific Well Positioning/Spacing
    Geothermal Well Completions
    SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage)
    Dual Well Intersection
    Multi-Lateral/Horizontal to Horizontal Intersections
    Mining Drift and Shaft Placement using Magnetic Ranging
    River and Obstacle Crossing via Horizontal Directional Drilling
    Potash Solution Mining
Gunnar Technology & Applications Energineering
When you’ve lost access to an old well and it needs to be plugged, an intervention well, which requires the use of ranging, must be drilled.
Gunnar Technology & Applications Energineering
When you’ve lost access to an old well and it needs to be plugged, an intervention well, which requires the use of ranging, must be drilled.
Gunnar Energy Services Safety Always

Caution must be exercised when working on any and all well locations. The safety of our team and those we work with directs everything we do. We work hard to ensure our team has the proper training and equipment to work safely.

Gunnar Energy Services

Successfully completed well control, well intervention, and complex completions projects

Patents granted and pending patents in ranging technologies

Gunnar Energy Services

Years experience within the Gunnar Energy Services team

Gunnar Energy Services Applications Engineering
Recognized expertise in ranging and well control technology.

With over 100 successfully completed well control, well intervention, and complex completions projects, Gunnar Energy Services’ team understands first-hand the technologies and applications necessary for delivering a safe and fit-for-purpose solution.

Clinton Moss, Gunnar’s founder, is recognized as a worldwide expert in magnetic ranging technology and is the inventor responsible for multiple patented ranging technologies.

Prior to launching Gunnar, Moss co-founded Marksman Ranging Technologies.

At Marksman, Moss led all efforts in the invention and production of Marksman’s first proprietary ranging system, the Magnetic Ranging Tool (MRT). After the company was acquired by Scientific Drilling, under Moss’s direction and leadership, Marksman developed multiple magnetic ranging systems deployed under the Scientific Drilling label including the Lodestone, Punchout, SynTrac, and Black Shark active ranging tools.

Gunnar Energy Services Education and Training
Unlike the larger and less–nimble service providers, we’re sharing the knowledge.

Our team has produced a series of educational videos relating to magnetic ranging and well control.

Check out Gunnar’s YouTube channel and come back often for fresh content.

Members of Gunnar’s leadership team are frequently called upon to present at industry conferences and events, as well as provide training for service providers involved in emergency response. Topics discussed are related to well control fundamentals and relief well design and management considerations.

Interested in having Gunnar speak to your group?


About Gunnar
Gunnar Energy Services is a new name in the industry, but our people are seasoned pros.

Our team has decades of experience in oil and gas emergency response, relief well planning, well intervention, engineering and environmental services, and pressure control. We’ve managed and assisted operators who have lost access to wells across the country and around the world.

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Gunnar Energy Services Independently Owned and Operated
We’re not affiliated with any of the major well control companies or wellbore positioning service providers.

As an independent operator, we’ve worked alongside most of the major players putting us in a unique position to offer an unbiased perspective on well control and plug and abandonment.

When it comes to service providers, we are vendor-neutral and only hire those that have the necessary expertise and are already familiar with your work. You can trust that we’re all on the same team – yours.

We are the relief well project managers you can count on to work with integrity and have your best interests at the forefront.

With our knowledge and experience, we design a recovery plan, assemble the team and any equipment that may be necessary, and we manage the disaster response to solve catastrophic problems that may otherwise be enterprise-ending.

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The Gunnar Team
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Catastrophic oil and gas well control incidents occur without notice and require immediate emergency response, day or night.

Gunnar’s response team is on standby around the clock to take your call and restore control to your well.

If this isn’t an emergency, and you’d like to speak with one of our team members, please feel free to contact us at any time via email or phone.

Get in touch with the Gunnar Team today.